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Verified Customer
2010 Jeep Gran Cherokee 4X4
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I was in the market for a newer vehicle and was referred to them from my father who had just purchased a vehicle from them about a month ago. Now I do not like dealerships or salespeople because usually, they are trying to sweet talk you into making a purchase. So I drove from Tennessee to Chicago and walked onto the lot with my guard up. I was very surprised that I was not pestered by salespeople but only asked the simple questions. I saw a vehicle listed on the website and they pulled it out for me to look at and gave me a brief rundown about the features that the vehicle had and left me to it to check it out for myself. It was very pleasant to be able to look at the vehicle by myself without a salesperson breathing down my neck and instead I got to do it at my own pace. I spoke with Ted mostly and a few other salespeople and all were very nice and pleasant to talk to. They went above and beyond in my book answering all my questions and addressed my concerns. I plan on purchasing my next vehicle from them when the time comes due to the excellent way I was treated and the prices/bang for the buck!
Antioch, Tennessee
Verified Customer
Excellent people, excellent customer service...
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I had been wanting to obtain a newer Ford PI Utility, and finally found one online that I liked. Now keep in mind that I am a very suspicious type and do not trust most dealerships, much less dealerships that are out of town, much less out of state. I called and reached Ted, (Tahir), and he was more than kind on the phone, we discussed many things and he put my early worries to rest. I booked a flight to Chicago, Ted even offered to pay for the flight which I declined, it was a really cheap flight anyway. Ted agreed to pick me up from the airport, in reality he paid the complete cab fare and tip, again not what I expected. I got a chance to fully look over the vehicle, take it for a test drive, and ask a million questions. There were a couple of "missing" parts, such as the wht/red dome light, and the factory floor plate. Ted found and installed the correct dome light and has since found me a floor plate and is shipping that to me as I write this. I drove the vehicle off the lot and directly home to Nashville, TN without a problem. The vehicle passed the emissions testing with no issues. Does this experience eliminate my fears of used car dealerships, NO!! However, I can say that I am outstandingly happy and that my worries about THIS dealership are GONE and I would come back to them anytime for another vehicle. Thank you Ted, and please say thank you to your team, the customer service and the whole experience was simply outstanding.
Nashville, Tennessee
Verified Customer
I am pleased with my vehicle but do your homework !
When I initially contacted this dealership I spoke with a gentleman named Ted on the phone. His vague response to my questions about hours of service and details about specific vehicle inventory led me to check out Asia Motors first. After previewing some nice vehicles at Asia motors I drove to Chicago Motors Inc. and ended up speaking with Abdul. I checked out some SSV and PPV Tahoes that I had seen online and drove a few. The specific one I was interested in was had a few more blemishes and engine hours than I preferred. Keep in mind that all of these vehicles are used LE vehicles and it can be concerning as to which one to choose. Abdul pointed out a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe SSV 4x4 which had been a Federal Admin LE vehicle from VA with 74K miles. I specifically asked what the engine idle hours were on this vehicle because that is a determining factor in my purchasing. The idle hours were just over 3000 hrs. Remember, one hour of idling equals 33 miles of drive time on the motor. I test drove the vehicle and admired its cleanliness with rubber flooring throughout. Abdul and I wrote the deal and I picked out a Ranch Hand brush guard to my vehicle that they had laying next to the building which I had installed later at my cost. I drove the vehicle back to Michigan and over the next 2 months I ended up replacing both up stream 02 sensors and a fuel pump. I have put 20K miles on this Tahoe since November. My next purchase from Abdul will be a Tahoe PPV and I will make sure it is a southern vehicle with low idle hours. Brush guards and spot lights definitely clear out left lane drivers on the expressway but be respectful and stay right when you can. Thank you Abdul
Paul Retired FPD
Flint , Michigan
Verified Customer
Professional Professional Professional
Could not have been more impressed with the professional conduct of the personal at Chicago Motors. Put your fears to rest if dealing with this company from out of town. The vehicle was everything promised, and no surprises in price or condition. I will return to Chicago Motors for my next vehicle needs. Jeffrey
Professional Professional Professional
Indianapolis, Indiana
Verified Customer
Great selection and customer service
Thanks to Ted and his team for their assistance in purchasing a Dodge Charger, K-9 equipped vehicle. Ted was patient during the process as we waiting for approval to purchase from our government officials. We searched for a long time to find a used, low mileage, K9 equipped vehicle. Thanks again and we would do business again.
Chief Deputy Sheriff
Washington Co. , Pennsylvania
Verified Customer
great purchase
Dealing with Chicago Motors was a pleasure due to the contact with Ted. The vehicle i purchased was just as he said it was. He is a real great person to deal with and I would and will recommend him and Chicago Motors to anyone i come in contact that wants a vehicle . Great person and great operation. The driver of the shipping truck was also great.
Doug Greenfield
Stoneboro, Pennsylvania
Verified Customer
2010 Crown Vic
Purchased a 2010 Crown Vic. Have driving these vehicles as an Illinois State Police Master Sergeant. The vehicles on their lot are in great condition and the customer service is great. This is my second purchase from Chicago motor Inc.
Michael P. Ross
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Customer
2016 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor
I called about a 2016 Ford Explorer I saw on the website. After speaking with Abdul for a short time we set a date to make the drive and look at the vehicle. We traded a Dodge Charger and was very happy with the price given for it. Drove the Ford Explorer back home (5 hour trip) with no issues. The next day the "check engine light" came on. I called Abdul and per his request took it to a dealer to be looked at. Issue was found to be a sensor and it was replaced. We were refunded the entire cost of the fix by Chicago Motors. They are a great group to work with and stand behind their vehicles. We will return to them and recommend that you do too!
Chief Jones
Augusta, Kentucky
Verified Customer
This place is fantastic and Ted is top notch
Bought an Explorer from Chicago Motors recently. Ted is a fantastic guy--while he appears to be a typical car salesman, he's actually very knowledgeable about the cars he sells and he doesn't bullshit you. And if there are any issues about the car that you don't like before buying it, he will go out of his way to fix those issues. And I just took my Explorer for its first oil change at my preferred shop, and my guy told me the car is in an excellent mechanical shape. What more can you want. Highly recommended!
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Customer
2012 Chevy Suburban, Great Experience
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Purchased a 2012 Chevy Suburban 2500 HD from Ted at Chicago Motors for our business sight unseen. Vehicle arrived as described. Ted arranged shipping to New Jersey as well. Very easy and painless experience. Thanks Chicago Motors. Highly recommended...
Oak Ridge, New Jersey
Verified Customer
Great dealer
We had spoke to Ted several times about the 2009 Tahoe. Ted was awesome to hold the vehicle for us until our city council approved the purchase. After flying to Chicago Ted paid for my taxi to the dealership. Smooth transaction, friendly atmosphere, and made to feel at home. Could not have asked for better service. Thanks Ted.
Kingston City Police Departmetn
Kingston, Tennessee
Verified Customer
Great Service and Good People
I'm not one to buy a car without having seen it or driven it first. So I took a chance. Ted was very willing to help and assist with every concern I had. Flew to Chicago they paid my cab fare from the airport to their facility. Drove the car around, did the paper work and headed back to North Carolina all in less than an hour. The car was as promised. In excellent conditions drove back no problems, Very impress with Ted and his brothers great people to do business with. Highly recommend them. Will be back. Thanks
Charlotte, North Carolina
Verified Customer
Recent purchase of 2011 CVPI
I’m happy to share with you that I recently purchased a 2011 Ford CVPI from Chicago Motors. I am a retired Police Sergeant and am currently employed as the elected Constable for one of my county’s Justice Precincts. I have spent the majority of my 25 year career in Ford Crown Vics. Because I live in Arizona, I relied on Ted for his honesty and integrity in providing me all of the information needed to feel comfortable in making an almost $10,000 purchase. Ted arranged the transportation and the car arrived approximately a week later. Despite being dirty from the transport, I was pleasantly surprised with the vehicle’s condition. When they tell you they are comfortable with anyone coming to their dealership and driving their purchase home to anywhere in the U.S. without being concerned about mechanical issues, I believe them. I would purchase another vehicle from them in the future.
Tom Schenek
Sahuarita , Arizona
Verified Customer
Great experience
WOW, What a great experience from my first phone call my New to me 09 Tahoe was delivered to my front door had one oil leak call Ted told me no worries. Fixed & will buy again all day long. Thanks guys
Springfield , Missouri
Verified Customer
Great Experience 2014 Taurus
Thank you to Ted and his staff for providing one of the best and easiest car buying experiences I have had. I have been in the car business for the better part of 30 years so it took a lot for me purchase a car without seeing it in person. Ted was great, he provided additional pictures, videos and discussion to alleviate my concerns. The car is awesome and was delivered exactly as described. I recommend Chicago Motors to my friends and family with confidence.
John A
Verified Customer
Word Kept!
Recently, I purchased a Chevy Caprice PPV from Chicago Motors. Per purchase, Ted was a man of his word. You see, I found a couple of "hiccups" with the car when delivered. I was able to convey this to Ted, and he fixed the issues. Thanks.
Tacoma, Washington
Verified Customer
Excellent Customer Service
I have been searching for the “right-for-me” Crown Victoria Police Interceptor for quite some time. While doing so I found Chicago Motors. After frequenting their inventory, I finally did find the “right-for-me” CVPI. When I called Chicago Motors about the CVPI I wanted I spoke to a gentleman by the name of Ted. Ted was very polite and thorough in answering all my questions. As most people, I was very leery about buying a car online as I had never done that before. After a successful purchase process, the car arrived and it was exactly as it was portrayed in Chicago Motor’s website. Unfortunately, there were few mechanical issues with the car that needed repair. I repaired them at a local mechanic’s shop and contacted Ted right away showing him the repair receipts. Ted responded to me right away and reimbursed me immediately for a majority of the repair bills. I cannot say that I have ever heard of or experienced that quality of service before. Chicago Motors stands behind their vehicles and will work with you as best as they can to make you happy with your purchase. If something like this does happen to you, please give Ted (Chicago Motors) the opportunity to make things right with you before attacking them with a negative review. They truly do care about keeping you happy and earning your business. As of now, my CVPI is rock solid and I am looking forward to driving it for years to come. I would definitely purchase from Chicago Motors again. Thank you, Ted. Regards, Eric R. – Redlands, CA
Eric R
Redlands, California
Verified Customer
Ford Police Interceptor
TRUE, TRUE story i had been communicating with Ted for some weeks looking to purchase police interceptor. I saw suv ' s come and go some i wanted badly and some i was not sure. purchasing from some one over states and not known outcome a bit scary, especially if you transfer funds and have no refund a big gamble. One day i manned up and tried to purchase vehicle i saw and wanted however it was already sold, a bit frustrated i told Ted to keep me in mind and a few days later Ted called a said he had an interceptor mint and that i should move on it immediately, didn't know if it was just a sales man being a sales man, but thank lord he was an honest business man who sold me exactly what he said and cant thank him enuff. in conclusion i ran to bank and transferred funds immediately and my trophy vehicle in a few days. TRUST AND BUY FROM CHICAGO MOTORS, i will purchase another vehicle very soon. THANK YOU TED!
Casallas, CEO of Quality Works
New York City, New York
Verified Customer
Chief of Police
review image
I purchased a Tahoe from Chicago Motors. The service was excellent, the value was exceptional and the transaction went smooth and perfect. It was the cleanest used car I have ever seen. Thank you for a superb vehicle and great experience.
Jeff Campbell
Sunrise Beach, Missouri
Verified Customer
Above and Beyond
33 miles after receiving my 2015 Ford Police Interceptor Utility, I discovered a lube leak in the left front wheel well. Turns out it was from a bad CV joint leaking. I contacted Ted at CM and he told me to take it to my mechanic and to have him call him. When I picked the car up, my bill was marked "paid in full." This was above and beyond what I expected from an "as is, where is" and "sight unseen" purchase. Thanks CM! I won't forget this! I've already been telling this story to my friends. I look forward to still having you in business when I make my next purchase. David T
David T
Ooltewah, Tennessee
Verified Customer
Amazing Customer Service!
I recently bought a 2014 Ford Explorer from Ted. Ted made sure everything was perfect when it arrived. I had the vehicle for only about a week and a few problems popped up that were unexpected. I called Ted, and he took care of just about everything! Can't wait to buy another car from them in the near future! Perks to you Ted!
Des Moines, Iowa
Verified Customer
Good Dealer to purchase a Car
I was very Satisfied with the service and the the time taken to help me purchase a quality Car on line. Ted was very helpful answering questions (I had a lot of them) and explaining how the process works. I'm very Happy the the Crown Vic I purchased and would recommend them to anybody looking for a honest Dealer.
Dallas, Georgia
Verified Customer
Repeat Customer
We are a security and investigations company that's based out of Ohio. We have bought two ford explorers from Chicago Motors, the last was two weeks ago. I could go to another company that is closer to Ohio however, Chicago Motors is an awesome company to work with and the vehicles they offer are clean and run great. I am already thinking about buying another explorer in the next few months. If you are in the market for quality used police vehicles try Chicago Motors first. You won't be disappointed!
Critical Protection Services
Columbus, Ohio
Verified Customer
Oh, and one more thing....
These guys are legit! Car was exactly as advertised. Reviewed and confirm all CARFAX reports. Images of the car were exact with no surprises... oh and one more thing!. I had been reviewing for a few nights as I had been needing a car for a few weeks. I finally zeroed in on a Ford Taurus and was ready to buy. It was way past hours of operation they listed on their website but I figured I’d just call and leave a message. To my surprise they answered the phone hours after closing and we made the deal that night! After we finalized payment the title arrived next day delivery. When I took delivery it pass inspection right off the truck. Professionals who know what they’re doing. 10 our of 10. No BS. I will always go to them first.
Dallas, Texas
Verified Customer
Great Place to get a quality Vehicle
Just purchased my second Crown Vic Interceptor. Purchased it on 8-4-2018.2011 with only 38,322 miles and only 110 hrs on the clock. Had my first one for two years, did some mild add ons, console, trim rings, she looked like a real beauty. Had my eye one car in particular, but after telling them exactly what I wanted, they steered me away from it ,and pointed me to a better quality car.They even changed out the vinyl back seat for a nice cloth one to match the front.Great people to do business with. Very knowledgeable staff.
Tom Yeager
Hammond, Indiana
Verified Customer
No pushy salesman!!!
I don’t like buying cars, however this place made car buying easy. The employees were all pleasant. Did not at anytime feel like I was being ripped off or lied to. I will definitely be purchasing future vehicles here.
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Customer
Awesome Cars and Impeccable Service
I'm from Cleveland Ohio and just bought my 5th vehicle for my family from these guys. Bought them all sight unseen and could never have asked for anything more, they shipped them all with ease right to my doorstep sooner then they promised. Great communication. Abdul, Ted and anyone else I've spoken to have been amazing to work with. 3 Impala's, 1 Taurus, and 1 Explorer later, I'm going to continue buying from them. They are true Police Car enthusiasts, I love calling just to get their advice on Police cars in general.
Nabeel Palla
Cleveland, Ohio
Verified Customer
Great family business
Very swift and positive transaction. Very satisfied and happy with my purchase. Ted and cousin were awesome... Will do business again and again. Thanks.
Jimmy Fred
CHICAGO, Illinois
Verified Customer
Best dealer
Bought a very nice Chevy Tahoe. Ted made the deal quite painless and had the vehicle shipped in an extremely short time. Thanks
Grand Island , New York
Verified Customer
Very good and trustworthy family business
I made the 2.5 hour drive to look at some Crown Victoria Police Interceptors listed on the internet. I was a little unsure of what to expect from a big city car dealership. But once I got to know the staff, I was really impressed. They do not have high pressure salesmen, and are not trying to unload a piece of junk on someone. Ted was very good at moving cars around for me to look at. I believe he gave me the best price he was able to on the car I purchased, and was also very good at taking care of anything I wanted done on the car before taking it. My wife and I enjoyed getting to know the family and staff who are all very nice individuals. I look forward to the next time I go to Chicago Motors shopping for my next car!
Pat M.
FOND DU LAC, Wisconsin
Verified Customer
Never A problem
Over the years , I have come out to Chicago, without a car and have driven back to New York all three times and as of yet have not had a problem with any of the cars , and it is of note that I always sold them, In New York when I got tired and wanted a newer model . It is of note that all these cars were spotless when I picked them up. I have recommended others to this dealer.
D Sargent
Staten Island, New York
Verified Customer
Quick and Painless
Bought an '08 CVPI from Ted back in October and couldn't be happier with the car 2 months and 2,000+ miles later. Ted had no problem with my mechanic giving it an extensive once-over (we're talking from checking light bulbs, power window motors, heat/AC controls, all fluids, compressor, diagnostic checks thru an OBD tool ... even the moisture in the brake fluid - I mean EVERYTHING). Ted was even cool with our request to have one of his mechanics put it up on a rack so we could check the undercarriage/bottom of the motor and transmission, differential tag, etcetera. I'll definitely purchase from Ted again when the time comes around. Thanks Ted!!
Chicago, Illinois
Verified Customer
Purchased a 2017 tahoe from Chicago motors. Worked with Ted on the purchase. Vehicle was exactly as described,and Ted went above and beyond to ensure vehicle was delivered before I left out of town. The service and communication was great. Would do business with Ted and Chicago motors again.
Craig G
Boerne, Texas
Verified Customer
Outstanding service and products
I was extremely impressed with the service and vehicle I purchased. Although the first vehicle I was interested in sold, Ted pointed me in the direction of a similar vehicle they had in stock that fit even better than the first. I conducted the transaction over the phone on a Tuesday, the vehicle shipped and was in my driveway that Friday. The car was in exceptional condition and after a 1200 mile road trip is now at its new home in Florida. Chicago Motors will definitely be my first stop when its time to look for my next vehicle. Thanks!
Fishers, Indiana
Verified Customer
Honest and fair.
I flew into Chicago to view a couple units. Picked one out and got a fair deal that included shipping. The car arrived as promised and has passed the Tx. inspection. Ted and his uncle are great guys. They even paid for my Cab, and bought me coffee and lunch!
Mike T
McKinney , Texas
Verified Customer
2013 Tahoe
review image
Well just purchased my 3rd vehicle from Chicago. EXCELLENT vehicle better than I was told. Flew in was picked up at airport. Tahoe was ready to go. I drove it from Chicago to New Jersey from Jersey to Las Vegas. Total of 3469.2 care free miles. No issues what so ever, averaged 19.88 miles per gallon. Those miles were over the course of 4 days. Ill be back in a year to get another one!!!!
Chuck Holl
Las Vegas, Nevada
Verified Customer
Great Service
Purchased my 2013 Caprice 9C1 from Ted. Guys did a great job, transaction went flawless. Never saw the car until delivery, was perfect as advertised. Thanks again
Bedford, New Hampshire
Verified Customer
Fantastic Dealership!
I purchased a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor with the 3.5L twin turbo and AWD. What a fantastic car and experience, they were professional, courteous, and very honest. One of the best dealerships I have been to in my travels, they made sure to take care of me and get everything I needed to get right on the road, thanks Chicago Motors! This was my best experience ever buying a car. I highly recommend this business, and will more than likely use them again in the future!
Alma, Michigan
Verified Customer
Great 2011 Tahoe PPV
I found the Tahoe PPV I was looking for. I did my research for the truck with Carfax and the department where the vehicle came from and I was able to acquire ALL the service records for the Tahoe. So I pulled the trigger on it and I never buy a used car unless I see it and drive it first. It was delivered to my door the day before we left north from Hurricane Irma. Lets just say I had a 930 mile test drive with ZERO issues! Great cars these guys have.
Miami, Florida
Verified Customer
'13 Caprice 6.0
review image
EXCELLENT customer service, Ted, Abdul, and the staff are great, I flew in from Wichita to purchase a Caprice. These guys made me feel right at home! Very highly recommended!
Dustin M.
Wichita , Kansas
Verified Customer
Awesome Cars and Great Guys!!
A very Honest, Courteous and Professional Team!! Will do business with again. They made car buying fun again!! Thanks for everything!
Birmingham , Alabama
Verified Customer
Abdul and the staff there are the best
review image
I've purchased 3 vehicles from here and had them shipped to me. No shipping problem, no CA registration problems, and no mechanical problems. What more can I say? I'm buying another as soon as Abdul finds it for me :-)
Los Angeles, California
Verified Customer
review image
I purchased a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan with the 3.5L twin turbo and All Wheel Drive; it was exactly as advertised. From the first contact I made with the dealership, until I left with the vehicle, they were highly professional, extremely courteous, and wholeheartedly honest. They created a very pleasurable experience, in what is normally a dreadful event - everyone usually hates the process of buying a car, new or used. But not with Chicago Motors! This was my best experience ever buying a car. I highly recommend this business, and will more than likely use them again in the future.
York, Pennsylvania
Verified Customer
GREAT CARS AND FOLKS! Visited April 2017
My son and I wandered in saw a number of vehicles and purchased. The sale was fast, easy and with nor pressure. We drove the car back to New Jersey without incident, quite the test drive. The staff and Ted were great. We were treated like family and they bought lunch too. The vehicle selections and their conditions are just great. We will be returning.
A. Jardines
Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey
Verified Customer
great service
Awesome people to do business with had a great experience. Ted was very professional and patient
Danny Arnett
Tompkinsville, Kentucky
Verified Customer
Excellent vehicle at a tremendous value
review image
We purchased a marked vehicle for patrol use, specifically a 2011 Ford Crown Vic last March. It was already painted factory black-and-white (a requirement for us) and substantially equipped with a single cell transport partition, Havis console with laptop mount, shotgun rack, L3 Mobile-Vision video system with wireless mic, Federal Smart Siren, hideaway strobes, wig-wag flasher. All we did is install a new Whelen Liberty II lightbar and decals. Been on the road a year without s single problem. -Robert Cook, Director
Excelsior Public Safety
Hallandale Beach, Florida
Verified Customer
Great Dealership
Great experience with Ted my salesman, I live two thousand miles away from the dealer so I bought the car sight unseen, there were two issues with the car before I bought it and Ted fixed both of them. Everything Ted said he would do he did. Great communication and great transportation of the vehicle to my state. I am very happy with the car and the whole process, would definitely buy another vehicle from them, thanks Ted.
Marysville, Washington
Verified Customer
trusted dealership
In the last year I have bought two vehicles from them.I bought these thru there web site. Everything was as stated and they went the extra mile to make my experience a good one. I will continue to buy from them,because I trust them.
Osage Beach, Missouri
Verified Customer
Police Car
We recently purchased a 2013 Dodge Charger. We love it good deal on price. The vehicle is in excellent condition.
Chief Dagley
Sunbright, Tennessee
Verified Customer
Awesome Service!
review image
This dealership is family owned. Employees, all the way up to the owners, are very honest and personable. While, I was here in Chicago from Texas, they maximized my stay by how hospitable they were to me.
County Investigation Division
Addison, Texas
Verified Customer
2011 Chevy Impala
Great Dealer, I would definitely do business with. Car is great, I love everything about it. I currently moved to different state where winters are bad and I might be contacting you soon on buying an SUV or Pickup. Thank You.
Eldar D
Mount Prospect, Illinois
Verified Customer
Best dealship I have seen!
Would like to thank the guys of Chicago Motors. Every time I have had dealings with them I left for home feeling good about buying from them. I have never seen a dealership stand behind there cars like them. I tell everyone that looks for a car to go to them. A car I bought from them saved my life. They are friendly and have good quality used cars.
Daryl Dingman
Verified Customer
Great dealer with best deal
Very honest, trustworthy, and helpful Dealer. He even provide me ride from airport to pick up the car I bought. The car was even much better than it shows on listing and price wise was over $5000 less than market value. I'd deal with this dealer again and strongly recommended him. In other words no BS as most of other dealer do just to sell the car by making up stories. I don't mined to be contacted if further help needed. my email address is [email protected]
Verified Customer
Great Place Repeat Buyer
review image
getting ready to head down for a 6th time, not all where mine but I was involved. Ted and Abdul run a good honest dealership.
jeff b
ridott, Illinois
Verified Customer
Great customer service
I was very much satisfied when i went to collect my vehicle. It was exactly the same car that was described to me over the phone and on their website. Car was ready and took only half hour to complete paperwork. Very nice people. I will love the recommend others
Norman Jason
Arora, Illinois
Verified Customer
Great dealer to buy a car from!
I had an easy, no hassle experience buying a car. First time ever I left happy with a good deal from a dealership.
Philly, PA

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